About Joltify

Joltify is an acquisition company focused primarily on third-party Amazon sellers. We purchase established Amazon brands that need increased working capital and infrastructure to create aggressive growth. As strong believers in economic empowerment, we encourage our sellers to become serial entrepreneurs and create new ecommerce brands. With our fast exit program you can sell your Amazon business to Joltify and get paid in about 35 days.

Founded by top-ranked Amazon sellers and investors, Joltify understands the link between risk-taking and innovation. Our team members have launched and scaled multi-million dollar D2C businesses. Along the way, they developed proprietary SEO systems and built a global supply chain. At Joltify we can use these resources to create exponential growth for the Amazon brands we acquire.

As experts in direct-to-consumer ecommerce, we know that the strength of your brand lies in its uniqueness. We understand how hard you’ve worked to get where you are today. Amazon Sellers trust Joltify to maintain their brand’s integrity, so it can thrive for years to come.

Joltify offers its clients a unique advantage, with hands-on experience and proven success in creating and scaling ecommerce brands. Backed by entrepreneurs, not hedge funds, Joltify is funded by successful start-up investors. Our expert team makes the connection between brand entrepreneurs and start-up investors with capital.

Joltify closes most Amazon business purchases in less then 35 days

Thinking about selling?

Our streamlined process saves business owners time and money on financial paperwork and legal fees. We’re ecommerce experts who will treat your brand with care, and we're ready to pay cash for your years of hard work.