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Fast & easy 4-step process:

Introduce Yourself

Tell us your story: how you built your Amazon business, and where it stands today. We’ve been on the same journey, so we understand the hard work behind your success.

Get A Valuation

We’ll crunch the numbers on your Profit & Loss statement; if your business is a good fit, well provide a Letter of Intent with an offer.

Accept Your Offer

Once we've agreed on terms of purchase, our expert team guides you every step of the way. Over the next few weeks, we complete the required due diligence for all financial and legal matters.

Close The Sale And Get Paid!

Once the due diligence process is complete, we sign the Purchase Agreement and fund your bank account.

Is it right for you?

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Joltify closes most Amazon business purchases in less than 35 days

Thinking about selling?

Our streamlined process saves business owners time and money on financial paperwork and legal fees. We're ecommerce experts who will treat your brand with care, and we're ready to pay cash for your years of hard work.


At Joltify, we're ecommerce veterans and investors who purchase Amazon brands, helping entrepreneurs exit their Amazon businesses quickly and profitably. Our employees have an opportunity to work on meaningful, complex challenges and see their work make a true difference in people's lives.